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Whatsapp New Update: Chat Filter for all Users


Whatsapp one of the most popular messaging services in India is testing a new feature for all its users. This update is already been used by business accounts and soon will be available for non-business accounts also. The Whatsapp team is testing different ways to improve the user's experience while using Whatsapp. They were found working on a new filter named Chat Filter. With this new filter, users will find their chats in a simple and easy-to-access manner. Whatsapp beta version for Android, iOS, and desktop are already using this feature.

Whatsapp is rapidly giving new and new feature updates for a better experience for using their application. They have recently introduced some features such as transferring big files of size up to 2GB at a time, different reactions as emoji, different updates for voice messages, and many more.

How will Chat Filter work for a better experience?

Whatsapp has already introduced there Chat Filter for beta/business accounts last year back. Now they are going to introduce it to non-business ordinary Whatsapp users. This filter will help their user to select the chat of their choice very fastly and easily. It will help the user easily find their Unread Chat, Contacts, Non-Contacts, and Groups. It is also been informed by the company that the Chat Filter button will always be visible even if you are not searching for any chats or contacts or groups.

What are Recent rolled-out update features?

Including the new update feature of Chat Filter Whatsapp is continuously rolling out some very interesting features day by day. These include sending files of bigger sizes of size up to 2 GB at a time which previously just was a size of 100 MB which was not sufficient for users. These big-size files will also be end-to-end encrypted. Now users of Whatsapp can transfer videos and images altogether at the same time. Whatsapp also noted and informed their users that they will get to know the time it will take in uploading and downloading files.

Another updated feature includes reactions as emojis. In this feature when users long-press any message six different emojis will be displayed, which they can select as a reaction to the message. They just need to select by tapping on the desired emoji as their reaction. Six different emojis include a thumbs-up emoji, emoji in a laughing gesture, an emoji in shocking gesture, an emoji in a sad gesture with a tear rolling out, and last emoji of a heart. Users have to use only these six emojis up till now means they cannot change emojis on their own.

Another update is from creating groups. This means that previously users were allowed with adding members up to 256 people only but now they can add members up to 512 people. This means they can make a group with a maximum of 512 members. Whatsapp also noted to their users that they will not immediately see all these changes rather the updates will appear slowly-slowly in their application.

Whatsapp also added to note that forming a safe and secure group takes effort and we here at Whatsapp are there for all the improvements that will help all the people and groups to stay connected to each other always.

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