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Ultimate guide on how to manage a Remote Team in 2022


Now is the time for online work future has started. Recently employees have started returning to their offline workspace but their willpower is low and is not the same as it was before the pandemic crisis. You may praise or blame the pandemic to some limit for this cause, but the trend of online working was there before the hit of the pandemic crisis.

An emerging business trend was not used in early times and was not even taught in any of the business school. Even the team leaders don’t have the experience of handling the team in online trends.

Remote teamwork is now a day in demand and is also incorporated in many business organizations. Even if our business is working temporarily on online trends or you are already running a remote team different drawbacks will strike during the work.

Some common hurdles faced by Remote Teams:-

Handling remote teams not only produces fruitful results but also shows many hurdles for the business which may also include differences in the partnership.

So here are some of the common hurdles that are being faced by the Remote Teams.

  • Time differences-

Online working or we can say handling a remote team is many times difficult because of different time zones in different countries. One cannot call for a meeting at any particular time because the team members are present in different countries and there is a lot of difference in the time of different countries.

  • Poor connectivity-

Many employees because of online work criteria feel less connected with their teammates. This causes a problem when the leader wants to build a platform of trust between his team.

It is the work of the leader to build a strong connection between his team members by giving extra time and concern. Introduce extra teamwork and daily check-in so that the team members feel more connected with their team.

  • Tough Association-

While staying in the office and working on the same project makes it easy to build an association with each other team members but it is difficult to build an association while we are working online. You will have to adopt some of the correct association tools to power up your team members to work collectively.

Some of the key practices to leading a remote team:-

  • Incorporate every member-

One of the best methods to lead a remote team is to incorporate every team member most importantly in the meetings.

  • Keep up inspiration-

Another best method to lead a remote team is to maintain the inspiration of every employee.

  • Focus on preferences-

Another practice to manage the remote team is to draw the attention of your team members to the main preferences the team is having.

  • Remember to identify-

Every member of the team wants to be identified by his leader for the work he renders in the business organization. So, it is the work of the leader to recognize his team members and appreciate his work.

6 best tips to handle a Remote Team:-

Here are the 6 best tips that are to be followed to handle a Remote Team.

1. Set a team goal-

By working online, the team members don’t have to be present in the office daily. So, it’s the work of the team leader to tell his team about the main goals of the team which they have to achieve and the work which your leader is expecting from you to be completed.

2. Regular communication-

To handle a Remote Team another method is to establish continuous communication between your team members. Make sure that every team member is included in the communication regularly and also conduct daily check-in of the team. A team leader may also conduct a 1:1 meeting with every team member to keep a check on what they are doing and whether the work they are doing is correct or it needs some update.

3. Know the main cause of the problem-

If the team leader finds any problem in the working of the remote team then it is the work of the leader to find out the main cause of the problem and solve the problem to the best of his knowledge. There may be many reasons why the employees are not working properly. So, a leader must talk with his employees 1:1 and ask them about the problems they are facing and provide his team members with a genuine solution for their problems.

4. Conduct anonymous surveys-

Many of the team members of a remote team may be having some problems with them and they may also not feel comfortable disclosing with anyone. So, the team leader must conduct anonymous surveys among his team members to get to know about the problem of concern and to provide a solution.

Team members will fairly answer the survey because they know that their answers will not directly affect them and their problems will be resolved indirectly.

5. Be Humane-

Now a day’s leaders are no longer stubborn, they are very cool and they care for their employees. A team leader must be humane towards his team and he must listen to his team members also. Communicate with every single employee of the team on every topic. Take ideas from the members. If the team leader is mixed with the employees frankly then this type of leadership will work for a long time and help to build great relationships between his team members of a remote team.

6. Give Feedback-

To manage a remote team, a team leader must always be active in participating in different activities which are to be performed in the team. If any employees work more efficiently then it is the work of the leader to recommend his employee's work. When any employee feels that he is been noted and appreciated then he will work more hard and hard to achieve more appreciation and this will result in a positive environment in the team.


It is very difficult for a team member to handle a remote team. The team leader doesn’t have to be an expert in every business need instead he should have basic knowledge of how to understand every team member in detail, this means all the needs, challenges, etc. a team member faces while working as a member of a remote team.

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