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Strategies for Building and Improving Employee Engagement

Updated: Jun 21, 2022


An organization works only because of its employees. So employees are an essential part of an organization and building EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT in business is a must. When an employee is fully engaged in the business he works harder and he also stays in the organization for a long time. Those employees who are fully engaged in the work make a more significant contribution to their organization, create profits, and are highly productive for the business. Because of these sales of the organization increase and customer satisfaction also increases.


Employees are the basic building blocks for an organization. If an employee is hired for the business he has to accomplish different tasks. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT refers to how people are doing in their day-to-day life for achieving the organization’s goals and also to get success in life. Teams having high EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT have a reduction in negative results/losses and a great increase in the success of the organization.

7 EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Strategies that every organization must follow:-

  1. Start with trust- The main thing for EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT is to build trust. If a leader wants a successful team then he should have to build trust in every employee so that he feels safe and important in the organization. When trust is built employees start to feel a sense of ownership in their jobs which gives productive results. When trust is built all the employees feel to be on the same level and because of it new ideas flourish and the environment of the organization is also improved.

  2. Give employees liberty- To create EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT in the organization, all the employees should be given liberty. Because of liberty employees will feel a sense of security in the organization. They will feel more responsible and will contribute more to the organization in achieving goals. Let the employees do what they feel is meaningful and impactful for the organization. Giving liberty/ independence is helping employees to develop their own stories instead of getting into someone else story.

  3. Offer Employees Flexible working hours- EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT can also be formed by offering employees flexible timings for the job. As traditional concept of 9 to 5, we have to overcome it and have to consider the modern concept of flexible timings and work from home for the employees. If any employee works till midnight and also in weekends and if he wants an hour gap for any work he deserves it and should be allowed with the flexible timings. This will encourage his morale and he will engage more in the work and will result in productive outcomes.

  4. Implement recognition and do celebrations- One of the best ways for EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT is to recognize their work and to appreciate them by doing celebrations on a weekly or monthly basis. When employees know that their work will be considered and they will be rewarded for doing good work, they will dedicate their time to do productive work and because of it, they will be rewarded. Recognition programs are an incredible means of encouraging employees, their loyalty, satisfaction as well as engagement in work. Always celebrate the success of your employee with them. Whether it is a small achievement or a big work accomplished by them.

  5. Consult employees on changes and big decisions- When you want EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT make sure your employee doesn’t feel like just a minor part of the organization. They should feel like a part of the organization, their opinion should be counted not they should be counted as a number in the organization. When an organization wants to make changes in their product they should consult or take opinions from all the employees and put their ideas into action so that employees also feel valuable to the organization.

  6. Offer learning opportunities and continue with education- To get EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT to the organization employees should be given different learning opportunities. When an employee is hired with some desired qualification after the appointment he should be allowed to increase his learning by continuing his studies to higher levels. So that he may get promotions and an increment in his salary from the organization. Employees should be provided with company-approved training programs and courses for upliftment in their careers. When they get support for higher education or new training courses from an organization they feel a sense of security and a feeling of growth in their career.

  7. Provide extra Perks and Privileges- When an organization wants their employees to stay with them for a long time and want to have EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT in the organization. They should offer extra perks and privileges to employees. Giving these benefits to your employees will improve their mental health of the employee. Extra perks and privileges may include- Gym membership, Yoga sessions, Discounts in shopping malls, and Home office stipends. These are some perks and privileges that employees will love to have. These activities will help them to get back their energy which they will devote wholeheartedly to the organization.


So at last we will say that these tips to get EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT will be beneficial for an organization. The entire leader or the organization should focus on their employees to involve them in their work in all activities. This will help employees to get motivated and because of that motivation they will give productive results. No organization likes disengagement of their employees so all the organizations should unlock the best of their employees with all the great EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT strategies.

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