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Steps to reduce negative vibes in the workplace


Negative thinking in the workplace will affect the organization's work in different ways. When this situation starts it becomes a major cause to affect other employees. This is not at all good for the organization's growth.

How does negativity affect the workplace?

As we know that if there is a negative vibe in the organization. It will not let your company achieve business success. If your team members/employees are continually making complaints, it will surely affect the morale of other employees. Negative thinking disorder can come in different ways it may evolve into gossip and lack of faith between employees. If negative thinking is not properly reduced in the organization it will affect productivity and will result in losses for the organization. As the team head/ manager it's your responsibility to be in touch with your employees negative thinking prevails in the organization it will harm the functionality of the organization in different ways, which include-

· Lower productivity-

If employees with negative thinking exist in the organization it will damage the morale and the will-power of other employees to do work. Productivity of the organization will decrease because of negative thinking.

· Reduce participation of employees-

If employees continue to think negatively they will reduce their willpower and interest to participate in the organization's work. They will feel exhausted to work in such an environment.

· Employees will start leaving the organization-

When employees are not interested to work in an organization because of the environment in which they work, they will start shifting to newer places.

How do find that company is affected by a negative attitude?

To find out that our team/organization is been affected by negative attitudes is not so easy. But is the role of the head to find that his team/organization runs smoothly. So to notice whether your organization is affected by negative attitudes or not, here are some signs to look in-

· Decrease in productivity of the organization.

· Regular/ continuous complaints.

· Employees are not interested to do work.

· Reduction in the energy of employees.

· Increase in harmful whisperings

· Continuous increase in excuses for not doing work.

Leaders should keep a note with them about all these situations which are prevailing in the organization. This will help to find out the best possible way to overcome all these problems.

How to handle negative employees?

As a leader, you have noted down all the difficulties which are going on in the organization. And because of all these situations which you have noted you have come to know about that employee who is spreading negative vibes in the organization. Now is the time came in which you have to overcome all this negative thinking.

Let us see some Tips to Handle Negative Employees-

1. Hold out against complaints-

To overcome with negative thinking attitude, as a leader you have to hold out against unwanted and undesired complaints which are been done by negative employees.

2. Tell to stop negativity directly-

As a leader, you can directly stop the employees from being negative. You can set a personal meeting with that employee and tell him directly to stop doing all these activities which are affecting the environment of the organization.

3. Conduct one-to-one meetings-

As a leader in every meeting, it's your role to let every employee have a one-to-one conversation, which is focused on positive actions, it includes:

Ø Which work is done well?

Ø Which is the biggest achievement this week?

Ø How can help others in upcoming work?

Ø How can you participate?

4. Recognize every employee's achievements-

For leaders to reduce negative thinking is to motivate employees by recognizing their achievements. Simple recommendations from the heads will help all the negative employees to think positively, which will help them to work well and produce productive results for the organization. Only saying words like "Thank you, Well Done, Great job, and keep it up are enough, these few words of appreciation will not cost anything but they will boost the morale of the employees which will remove negative thinking disorder from the employees as well as from the organization.

5. Be tolerant-

As we know that anybody's nature will not change in one night you have to wait for it. Similarly in an organization, every leader should be tolerant to see changes in negative thinking employees. They will not change in a few days or over a night stay with their work, give positive feedback, motivate them by celebrating their small wins and then sit back and see for the changes that will come in the employees.


When as a leader you notice that negative vibes are prevailing in your team/ organization you have to sit back and assume that all this will change just by passing time. We know that it's difficult to manage all of these, but as a leader, you have to tackle all these situations and guide your team to work well and give productive outcomes.

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