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Steps Involved in Staffing Process

Staffing is the process of hiring qualified candidates in the company. Every company no matter small or big has to go through the staffing process. The staffing section deals with the recruitment, selection, and screening process to hire employees for the company.

The steps included in the process of staffing are as follows:-

Manpower Planning:-

This is the first step in the process of staffing. Commonly known as human resource planning, it is the process of determining the company demand for and supply of competent workforce, in the adequate number in the future.


It refers to the process of inducing people to apply for a job in the company. After evaluating the number and type of employee needed, the manager tries that more and more people should apply for the job so that the company can get more variety and select better applicants.


It refers to determining the most suitable candidate to fill the vacant job position. The selection is done through a process, which includes tests, interviews, etc.

In selection number of selected applicants is less than the number of expelled candidates that is why the selection is called a negative process also.

Placement of selected candidates:-

When the candidates are selected through the selection process. The next step is to place the applicants in the job positions that they are selected for. Selected applicants will be given a job offer letter and are asked to join the job position.

Orientation and Induction:

After the placement process, the next step is to give the new employee the information they require for working conveniently and efficiently in an organization. Induction is the process of introducing the new joiners to the job and the company as well.

Training and Development:

In this step, the new joiners experience training to acquire particular skills. Development means learning opportunities, designed by the company, to guarantee the growth of employees.

Performance Appraisal:

A rational calculation and evaluation of employee’s performance against clear-cut benchmarks.


Compensation refers to the state in which individual gains, in return for his/her contribution to the company.


This is the last step in the process of staffing. It means separating the workers from their job. This takes place in four steps i.e. through retirement, termination, retrenchment, or death.

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