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Google’s New Launch: Wallet App

Google has recently announced in their I/O developer conference that they are soon going to launch their own Google Wallet App in almost around 40 countries. This is almost clear by its name that it is a digital Wallet App; it means that it is going to store all the physical items which you carry in your wallet or purse.

This is another step by the company towards the digital era. Due to pandemic many people have started using online transaction path which means that they make payments of all things using online platform.

This Wallet App will allow their users to store their bank related cards in this app so by doing this they don’t have to carry their cards with them physically. They can keep their cards safe at their home.

You are allowed to store any type of card not only the bank card. Google has also confirmed by saying that their Wallet App will also give support for digital Ids in the near future. This will make easy for the users to identify themselves without verifying their mobile numbers because verification process will be done through NFC.

Google also added that the users can also save their boarding passes for flight in their Wallet App. This will help users to get notified about any delay or change in the date of the flight.

Google also said that their app will also work with their other Google apps or services. This means that if a person is using Google map to get direction to some place than at the same time he will also be able to see his ticket and his balance in their account. With this if you see shortage in your funds then you can just add by just clicking on add more button.

The company also added that the users can also add their vaccination card in simple steps. Only thing they have to do is to just take a screenshot of the card and then the option comes in which you can add to Google Wallet App.

The company is also assuring that they will safe guard the private information of their users in their Wallet App. This means that the personal data of their users will not be misused it will be encrypted.

Google also added that their uses can add their digital office and hotel keys in their Google Wallet App. Developers will also have an option to convert their cards in to digital passes.

In their I/O developer’s conference, Google also added that while launching their Google Wallet App, their Google Pay service will continue to work in different countries of the world. Google Pay app will continue to provide their users with the service of sending and receiving money through their app at any time and any where across world. This app helps in doing many utility payments such as electricity bill payment, water bill payments, house rent, making recharges of mobile phones, DTH recharge, WIFI bill payment and many more. This app of Google will continue to work in countries like India, US, and Singapore.

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