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Characteristics of a Successful Team


When an organization is established with goals to achieve. Then a TEAM is formed which works together to achieve those goals. The efforts of teamwork results in great and productive results. Effective and Brilliant teamwork is what a company needs for its progress. For forming a great team an organization needs to identify the main characteristics of a SUCCESSFUL TEAM.

What is a TEAM:-

A TEAM is called a group of people who have different ideas and opinions but despite all this, they have to work together to achieve a desired and productive goal.

Main Characteristics of a SUCCESSFUL TEAM:-

It may sound easy to work in a TEAM but it includes the ability to ignore all their personal beliefs and includes how they take up group responsibility.

The following are the main characteristics of a SUCCESSFUL TEAM:-

1. Team Goals- First and the main characteristic of a SUCCESSFUL TEAM are to set a team goal. The first step in this is to find what you- The manager or The Leader want to achieve. This provides structure and guidance to every team member on which they can focus and with this team goal their individual goals are also established which they have to work on. The deadline should be given and from time to time inspection should be done. All these give full support to team members.

2. Dependability- Despite setting a team goal all the members have been given roles and responsibilities that are transparent for everyone. Every SUCCESSFUL TEAM member knows his work. When the final goal for the team is known then it is clear & easy to see what progress is done.

3. Open Communication- When teamwork is going on within the organization all the goals should be communicated regularly within the meetings. The main goal or agenda should be openly told by the leader for the successful completion of the task. So at the last of the meeting, every member should know how and what they have to do to achieve goals with a SUCCESSFUL TEAM.

4. Team Trust- For achieving desired goals a good team is required & for a good team an understanding between the members is required. Every leader without hesitation should show gratitude and appreciation to his team members. When trust is established between a leader and a team member it helps make work more personal and all the members of a SUCCESSFUL TEAM do work with full dedication.

5. A Bold Leader- Over and above all characteristics there is a requirement of a bold leader for a SUCCESSFUL TEAM which means a leader should be such that they can communicate his work and ideas to his team clearly without confusion. He should not hesitate with any work because a dynamic leader gives out a great and productive goal for the organization.


Team success doesn’t happen it takes analyzing, controlling, planning, and last but not least a bold leader who can build an effective and SUCCESSFUL TEAM.

When Leaders are dynamic and their team knows that they are being heard, respected, and recognized team members work with dedication. If an organization is recruiting any new members for their organization they should make sure that they have done a good hiring decision that will help the organization to achieve desired goals and build a SUCCESSFUL TEAM

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