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Benefits and steps in Employee Training

Employee training is the act of increasing the skills and knowledge of an employee for performing the job allotted to him.

Employee training is an essential subsystem of human resource development. Employee training is a specific function and is one of the primary operative functions for human resources management.

Steps in Employee Training:-

1. Decide If Training is Needed:-

To compete efficiently, firms must have their employees well trained. The first step in the employee training process is to decide whether a problem can be solved by training or not.

The first step in the employee training process is to decide on Training requirements. The overall objective of the evaluation phase is to determine if training is needed or not if so, to give the required information designing the training pro.

2. Determine What Type of Training is Needed:-

The employees themselves can give relevant information on the employee training they require. They know what they need to make them better at their jobs. Just ask them!

Also, regulative considerations may require specific training in certain industries and job classifications.

When this sort of training that is required has been determined, it is equally essential to decide on what kind of employee training is not needed.

3: Identifying Goals and Objectives:-

When the employee's training requirements have been identified, employers can then prepare for the training.

Declared training objectives would help employers communicate what they want their employees to do, to do better, or to stop doing! Learning goals do not necessarily have to be written, but for the employee training to be as successful as probable, they should be clear before the employee training starts.

4: Implementing Training:-

Employee training should be managed by professionals with expertise and knowledge in the assigned subject area.

Nothing is graver than being in a classroom with a tutor who does not know what they are assumed to be teaching! Use in-house, experienced talent, and an outside professional is the best option.

Employee training should be presented so that its organization and meaning are clear to employees. An effective training program allows employees to engage in the training process and to practice their knowledge and skills.

5: Evaluation of the Training Program:-

One way to make certain that the employee training program is achieving its goals is by using an evaluation of the employee training by both the instructors and trainees. Training should have, as one of its essential components, a method of measuring the effectiveness of employee training.

Benefits of Employee training:-

  • He gets constant supervision from the senior in gaining insight into the job content.

  • There is a slight danger of expensive mistakes.

  • Training takes place in real work situations.

  • The employee trainee is not overburdened with work and at the same time, plays in managing the work unit.

The trainee gets a chance to discover and step into the shoes of the senior before he is placed on a higher job.

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