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An external consultant is better than the Internal Employee

What are consultants?

A consultant is a person who guides the managerial level employee on how to achieve successful goals for their organization. A consultant is an essential part of any organization because he is the one who will go through all the pros and cons of the organization and based on all these give a solid solution to complete the task.

Why appoint an External Consultant?

If you are a Consultant and you want that the company should hire you, you should know all the situation of the company and all the possible solutions to overcome them. From the outside world, it’s very hard to notice why the organization requires an External Consultant who will help them to find the problem of the organization and to solve them.

There are many reasons why an organization requires an External Consultant to help solve some of the most complicated changes faced by the organization in the world.

5 reasons why the organization needs an External Consultant:-

Here are the 5 reasons why an organization must have an External Consultant:

1. Self-Ruling Power-

As the internal employee is stick to the internal rules and policies of the organization, External Consultant has self-ruling power in the organization. This means the consultant is free from the rules of the organization, he can make decisions impartially and dedicative as he doesn’t have any personal connection with the organization. Their unconventional thinking means that they will focus only on the main points that have been agreed with the clients. Without getting involved in the internal problems of the organization.

2. Innovative thinking-

As an External Consultant instead of being tied to some specific ways or historic work culture of the organization, a consultant can use his innovative thinking power to think more deeply about product solutions. Without thinking about their future work with the company, they can think beyond all these and work with all their dedication to provide an intelligent and productive solution to the problem.

3. Proficiency-

As a Consultant, he has to deliver the details and in-depth knowledge required for any organization. As an External Consultant, you have more experience in consultancy than internal employees.

No doubt that internal employee will know their organization very well but as an external consultant you have a wide knowledge of consultancy from the whole industry.

4. Reliability-

Sometimes for an important business task, an organization needs someone who will be trustworthy for them, which means a consultant who will help them to achieve the desired goals in every expected manner. For an organization their reputation in the business field is more important so for this they want a consultant who should give productive solutions and the one who is famous across the industry to work with. This will increase their reliability in their External Consultant, whom they will appoint for the consultancy.

5. Consultants are Risk-free-

For companies to hire an External Consultant is more risk-free than appointing an internal employee as a consultant.

If an organization appoints their internal employee as their consultant they have to suffer from the following situations:

• Training expenses

• Perks and benefits

• Full-time stipends

• Bifurcation

• Time taken to appoint

After all these things if an employee doesn’t work properly as a consultant then the organization has to perform all the above things again from the beginning.

To overcome all these things an External Consultant doesn’t require all these things, you don’t have to pay him a full-time salary, not have to spend an extra amount on training. They only have to be paid for the work which they do for your organization.


As an expert Consultant, sales and marketing should be your topmost priorities. As an External Consultant if you use your advantages you will achieve the following:

• You will be risk-free

• You will have self-ruling power

• You will have more innovative power

• You will have great knowledge

• You will be considered reliable in the industry

All these things will help you to show yourself as a good opportunity for investment and improve your position in the industry than the internal employees.


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