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9 Best ways to Leave a Job on Good Terms


The entire individual who works for their livelihood at some time in their work career decides to leave the job or want to switch the job. Resigning a job and joining elsewhere is a normal part of everyone’s career. So, when someone decides to Leave a Job they should know how to leave on good terms. Quitting a job is a normal process and it happens always. It should be easy to drive up the wall during the resignation process and kick the ladder down. While leaving a job one should know how to maintain a fruitful relationship among their leaders, managers, and co-workers.

Why Leave a Job on Good Terms?

When leaving a job one should make sure that your reputation in your profession should be safe. When you quit on good terms your employer knows that you care for the reputation and well-being of the company. If you behave well it may also help you to get a recommendation from your manager. It is also possible that you may again work in the same organization or with the same people anywhere else in your career’s long run. So, you should be good with everyone in the organization while Leaving a Job.

9 ways to Leave a Job with good terms:-

Here are 9 ways how to Leave a Job with good terms in your organization. You should be respectful, sincere, and friendly during the entire period of your resignation process. Take up these 9 steps to maintain good relationships while leaving a job.

1. Inform your Leader- If you have decided to Leave a Job you should firstly talk with your leader. It's better if your leader knows about this news from your side instead of from someone else. Hearing this news from someone else will cause unwanted gaps and bad relationships between you and your manager. And you also don’t want that your news gets spread in the organization. If this news spreads in the organization everyone will come to you with lots of questions. Your company may also want to convey this news to your co-workers officially.

2. Give prior notice- When you have decided to Leave a Job then you have to inform your seniors beforehand at least two to three weeks before your departure. Prior notification of resignation is counted as a rule in many organizations. A minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of a 1-month prior notice is a must for all employees.

As early as you inform your seniors about your exit, it will leave a good impression on your managers and they will also get to fill up your vacant post with a good alternative.

Giving prior notification about your departure is just a simple formality but giving a resignation is the final decision that will clarify that you are finally leaving the job.

While writing a prior notice you should keep it short and to the point don’t add unnecessary points in it, just include that you are resigning, the date of resignation, and also add a thanks note for allowing work with the organization.

3. Manage your files and work- After giving prior notice to the managers make sure to check that your files and work are complete and no work is pending. Also, see whether is there any work or file that is to be shared among your seniors, and also keep the file in such a place where they can be assessed easily after your departure.

Arranging all this work properly will be considered the last impression that you will leave on your co-workers and managers. Doing all of these will make your co-workers and managers think that you were a good and managed team member they were working with.

4. Inform your seniors that you will give training to your substitute- While Leaving the Job if you help your substitute to know each work of your position will leave a positive impact on your seniors as well as your co-workers. This will show your regard towards your previous employer for allowing you to work with them. This is just an extra oblige that you will give to your employer. This is not compulsory all the time; your soft skills will give benefit you in the future. If you are not able to give training to your substitute directly just write all the tricks and steps that are to be followed to cover up your position.

5. Exit with a bang- While it’s difficult to finish up the last few days on the job, you just have to maintain your dignity and productivity which will show your co-workers that you were a good and faithful employee.

If you are Leaving a Job in between any big project then you will leave your team member with a lot of work and the burden of extra work. If you have thought that you are going to leave the job soon and who cares for the pending work then this attitude will affect your future dealings with your seniors and co-workers.

To hold up your seniors for future recommendations you have to work till the last second of your resignation time.

6. Personally inform your colleagues- When you have finally decided to Leave the Job then after informing your seniors, it’s time for your teammates to know about your decision. They deserve to know about your decision and plans from you instead of anyone else.

You can tell your teammates by using any of the following ways:-

  • Send a goodbye message from the core of your heart.

  • Set a party or a coffee chat with your teammates.

  • Throw a personal lunch for your colleagues.

After selecting any method, spend time discussing positive talks with your teammates. Stay in contact personally with your teammates after quitting the job.

7. Extend a Vote of thanks- While Leaving a Job on good terms you have to extend a vote of thanks to those who left an impact on your career and those who personally deserve to be appreciated. Even if you don’t have a fruitful or close relationship with your manager, they helped you to see your upbringing in your career. So they need to be appreciated because they help you to grow in your career.

Showing gratitude and giving a vote of thanks help you in your career-long run for references that may be required soon.

9. Don’t blow up the minds of your leaders and co-workers- When you decide to Leave a Job it may be a cause of any issue prevailing in the organization with your seniors and co-workers. Wait for a few weeks before opening your issues publically on a social media platform. It's normal to have high emotions while leaving the job. And this will let you say words that will affect you in the future but avoid saying these words for a better future.


Anyhow the situation is while Leaving the Job, quitting is always stressful. You should maintain a positive attitude or relationship with your managers and co-workers.

Leaving a Job is a sensitive process. So you should consider all these 9 ways to quit a job on good terms with your employer. This is considered as an investment for your future work because it's never known whom we need in the future for any work.

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