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When we start our business on small scale at that time we don’t have an extra budget or finance for the business, which makes it a great challenge for the business to stand in the market. There are many ways small business owners can do to attract customers towards them. One of the main key options for small businesses to attract customers is through digital marketing which is the easiest way to attract buyers is through digital marketing which is the easiest way to attract them towards our business.

Once you know your customer then you can use different marketing techniques. These may include different methods such as the zero-cost method. You can use different techniques differently or all together at a time. When you decide to start a new business the first thing you want to do is to set a customer line for your business.

As we all know that a small business doesn’t have a huge budget for advertising but there are many other inexpensive ways that you can use for marketing. These may include door-to-door campaigns, brochures, or posters placed at different places. You can also use digital marketing techniques on a priority basis.

7 Popular Techniques for Marketing:-

Here are 7 popular techniques for marketing that a small business can use, these are as follow:

1. Brouchers-

One of the best and cheapest techniques we can use for marketing small businesses is an advertisement. Through this, you have to select an area where you want to do business and then circulate your brouchers in that area. Make sure that your broucher is brief which should highlight and cover only the main key points which include the services that you provide, and the products that you sell also give your complete contact details on which customers can contact you. You can also make your brouchers used as a coupon or discount ticket that will help to attract more customers. Also, make sure that the brouchers which you create should not be mixed with posters.

2. Posters / Bulletin Boards-

Now a day’s many supermarkets, malls, and different public areas provide places where we can place our posters or our bulletin boards for making announcements about our products. One thing while pasting a poster makes sure that your poster should be visible to all so that it attracts customers. Posters should be made such that it attracts people in one sight, and use different color ideas for your posters. Posters should include different attractive pictures and catchy and meaningful phrases. Phrases should be such that they should be remembered so that customers when want to buy the product they can easily recall your poster.

3. Value Added Benefits-

One of the most powerful marketing techniques for small businesses is by providing value-added benefits for your product and services. Value Added Benefits are almost the same as providing coupons and discounts but this will help in increasing the satisfaction of customers and will help in competition also.

Value Added Benefits include:-

(i) Discounts for old customers.

(ii)Reward Points.

(iii) Reward for referrals.

(iv) Guarantees and Warranties.

When a customer wants to buy something at that time the value-added benefit service plays the main role in helping customers to decide between two or more similar shops. Make sure to highlight value-added benefits while making any one of the marketing strategies.

4. Networking through Referrals-

The next technique of marketing for small businesses is giving benefits to those customers who refer your services to other people. You can provide discounts and other benefits to those customers. This may include business-to-business referrals. You should make sure regardless of having a business relationship you should make referrals for other businesses which in return may or may not benefit your business. You should always remember that your competitors are always not the revelers they can benefit you in long run.

5. Feedback-

The next technique for marketing is that once a customer is attracted to your business and started buying products and services from your business. Then you should take feedback through different ways such as questionnaires, which is one of the best sources for getting feedback.

You make ask some of the following questions:

(I) Why customers opted for your business?

(II) Where they heard about your business?

(III) Whether they considered any other company?

(IV) With which facility they are fully satisfied?

(V) With which facility they are less satisfied?

6. Analyzing/ Fact-Finding-

The next technique of marketing for small businesses is by doing analysis or we can say by finding facts which can be through a telephone call or by going door-to-door. With this, you are not only selling your products and services you are also selling yourself which means your ideas and emotions. If customers don’t like you they will surely not going to like or buy your product and services. One thing is that if you analyze calls, it will not completely give you benefit as you and your customer will not be able to look at each and see each other’s expressions, so, it’s best to go door-to-door for analyzing your small business.

7. Website-

The next technique of marketing for small businesses is by creating your website. Now a day’s almost every business organization has its website. In from last 50 years, the marketing method is the same except only one major change is the evolution of website creation through the internet. The website should be such that it should include complete details of your business such as your address, contact details, and hours of working. You should also have accounts on almost all social media sites and you should also know search engine optimization skills.


Now by concluding the article we know that to advertise our product & services we should use different marketing techniques for your business. This will help you to lead your business positively and profitably. We should use all or any of the above-given techniques.

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