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10 Key Tips to Motivate Employees


When an organization hires people to do work for their organization, they should also take care of their employees. So that employees should stick to their organization. Managers should MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES for their organization. According to research, it is found that money and benefits are important considerations for every employee but the most important factors include peer motivation, feeling encouraged, and being recognized in the organization.

When employees are motivated they perform their duty much better and the chances of leaving the organization are less. Happy and motivated employees are more productive. It doesn’t matter what the business is whether it is private or public sector it is a must to MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES.


  1. Make Your Organization Where everyone wants to be - No employee wants to be in a place where they feel boring and tired for hours. So for this firstly make your workplace a functional and fun place to be which will MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES. This also means keeping all the things clean and nice looking. Pick up interesting furniture from a nearby shop. All this will motivate employees to work in. your office should be a pleasure to work in, full of all-natural lights, furniture, cool and comfortable temperature.

  2. Be a Dynamic Leader- To run a team and maintain a good environment a dynamic leader is what is needed to MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES. It is always seen that bad management results in a bad environment in the workplace which in turn, results in employees leaving the organization. Many things like respect, support for employees, and clear and flawless communication are considered the foundation. A dynamic leader will develop a team and engage all the team members in their work.

  3. Provide transparent, clear communication and Offer rewards- The main role of a leader to MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES is to provide them with a clear knowledge about the work. This will result in positive outcomes, people will stay in your organization if they know transparently all the work and rewards they will be provided with. Rewards may include bonuses, healthcare benefits, promotions, and profit-sharing in the organization.

  4. Encourage teamwork and Individual growth- When a team is formed and they together start working as a team then it is the role of their leader to ensure everyone feels valued and all together achieve their goals which will MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES and they will be encouraged to work as a team. When a team succeeds and achieves goals then the individual team member will also grow because he knows that he will be appreciated and rewarded for achieving goals. They will start working hard for their goals.

  5. Share Positive Feedback- When a leader knows that his team members are working hard and are on the right track to achieve goals then it is the job of the leader to acknowledge his work and share positive feedback. It will MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES to do more good work. It will boost their confidence when they know that they are been appreciated. Positive feedback is one of the keys to satisfaction with the job.

  6. Express Gratitude- When a leader is formed it is his job to see which employee is working in which way. If any employee is working well then-leader must show him gratitude. It’s not difficult to say Thank you or well done when an employee works well. These simple words will MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES in the workplace.

  7. Offer Food and Flexible Scheduling in the Workplace- When hunger strikes it becomes difficult to work. So to MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES to work more you should arrange food in the workplace. May it be a mid-morning snack or a late-afternoon food it will boost your employee’s mood and energy and will result in positive outcomes. Along with providing food at the workplace, you can also offer flexible timings to employees. during the pandemic time, we all know that most employees were doing work from home. So now you may either offer work from home or may also allow flexible timings. It will attract more top talents to your organization.

  8. Asking employees what they want- It’s not an easy task to know how to MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES of your team. Rather talk with them and find what they want. Then doing accordingly and doing unexpected things for employees might be considered the best thing for them and in return also for your organization.

  9. Express clear organization’s goals- Another way to MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES is to tell them about the goals of the organization. With this employees will beforehand know what the organization wants and what they have to do. When the employee is motivated this will result in positive outcomes. If an employee knows how important he is to the organization he will work more.

  10. Include employees in Decision Making and provide regular training- Important point to MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES is to include them in decision making. This means listening to their opinions and working on them. When an organization wants to make any change in the product first talk with their employees, take a survey, and also involve them in decision making. This will help in forming confidence in them.

Along with this conduct a time-to-time training program for the employees. This will let them know that the management is dedicated to helping employees to grow and flourish. Training will also MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES and it will also build confidence in them.


It is an essential technique for the organization to MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES. When employees are motivated then we know that we will get a positive outcome. An employee will feel confident and they will work harder and dedicate themselves to achieving the organization's goals. At last, an organization is nothing without its employees, so they should take every possible step to MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES in their organization.

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